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Cost £50 

A great way to practice your sewing skills. 

Make Pjs for yourself or for someone in your family. 

You will learn 

To use a paper pattern

Cut and construct your PJs

Add elastic to the waist, 

Make a button hole and attach a drawstring to the front. 

You can get creative here.  Instead of drawstring you could add a ribbon, you could use 2 contrasting fabrics or add a little applique. 

You will need a cotton or brushed cotton fabric and matching thread.

 1.3cm elastic - enough to go around your waist.

1.5 m ribbon/ pyjama cord

You can choose from adult or children's sizes


Width of fabric             115cm                          150cm

66cm hips                       1.5m                             1m

68cm                                1.5m                             1m

71cm                                1.6m                             1.10m

74cm                                1.8m                             1.1om

76cm                                 1.9m                             1.10m



79-104cm                     2.5m of either width fabric

109-114cm                  2.6m

Pay by Internet Banking. Details given on booking or Pay Pal

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