Make a skirt


This is a set of three sessions.  

Cost for 3 sessions £75

These skirts come out beautifully.

They can be made in a variety of fabrics

depending on the season.

You will

  • You will learn about laying out a pattern  
  • cutting the fabric 
  • assembling the pieces 
  • putting in a zip  
  • adding a waistband or facing
  • making alterations


Cotton and cotton blends, Challis, Lightweight Linen, Crepe and Lightweight Poplin.

Warmer fabrics for winter;  Wool Mix, Cord, Denim, Gaberdine. 

Not suitable for obvious diagonals, uneven plaids or jersey.

If your fabric has a large pattern that needs to be matched  you will need extra fabric. (Best avoided for beginners.)

What shall I bring?

Payment by Bank transfer, details given on booking or pay by pay pal


New Look Pattern 6053.     Or you can choose a pattern from my Pinterest selection.
7″  zip.
Matching thread.
Fabric  (make sure you wash it first, if it is washable!)

Choosing the correct size for your skirt depends on your hip size.    Be prepared, you will NOT be the same

size as shop bought clothes!      

 Hips        33.5"      34.5"       36"         38"            40"          42"          44"        46"
115cm    .8m      1m          1.2m       1.2m         1.2m       1.3m     1.4m      1.5m
151cm    0.8m      0 .8m      0.8m      0 .8m         0.8m        0.8m     1m          1m   

If you use cord or velvet, allow 0.5m extra.

Venue  :   St Albans, address given on booking.

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