"I will always be grateful for the way you got me inspired and the amount you helped me in teaching me what I know." Colin May 2016

Children's After School sessions

"The lesson is the highlight of Zaras week and the standard of

the things the girls have been making is really impressive. "

(Nov 2015)  Thanks Nina.

Making Roman blinds:

I did enjoy my time and got a lot from just that morning. 
The website looks very helpful too. 
I attach a picture of the Roman Blind temporarily attached to a window. I'm so pleased with it! 
Thanks to your friendly personal approach , I do feel ready to tackle the soft furnishings in my house and am inspired to try cushions later.
Pauline   H             March 2015

Here are just a few things people have said about my classes.

Thank you all for your positive comments.

An e mail from Liz.
​"Amy has been going bunting crazy since your class with her. We even took her little machine to France (via Easyjet!!!) and she made some bunting for my Dad’s 70th birthday – his party was up a mountain in the middle of nowhere but Amy took the bunting in her rucksack and we were able to unfurl it on the mountain."

At Le Crafty Frog

"Hi! Just wanted to say I LOVED last night and am very proud of my cushion!!"
Lisa, Harpenden

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great course yesterday! I am very excited about my new earned skills!"
A budding seamstress, Harpenden

Nov. 2014

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Sew Enjoyable workshops, I have really enjoyed attending the classes in your beautiful studio. The classes were well paced, informative and fun...and I loved bringing home my creations each time!"


"I found the three sessions enjoyable and exciting and I'm very pleased with the things I made."


"Thanks Nicky, for your hospitality and generosity of time and care. I have learned a lot and am not nearly so scared of my

machine now! I am immensely proud of my bag which I have finished already."

Helen D.

"Nicki's lessons have given me lots of useful skills which I can apply to a range of projects. She suggested some activities for me but was really flexible and adapted ideas to suit me. I felt very comfortable and was really happy that she took time out to answer my individual questions. I would really recommend her lessons and feel so much more confident to begin my own projects now."
Emily, Langford

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