Wednesday     and      Friday       Mornings        9.30  to 12.00                

Wednesday     and       Friday       Afternoons  12.30  to   3.00

Wednesday Evenings           7.00 to 9.30                  


You can book one of two types of class

  • Sewing 101 - for complete beginners
  • Bring a project - for those of you who can use your machines, but would like to develop your skills

You will usually find a variety of projects going on in each session because the classes small (4 people maximum), informal and individually tailored . That means you can book exactly the sessions that will suit you.      


 Sewing 101 

  This is a set of 3 classes for complete beginners. It is an introduction to using your  sewing machine and 3      easy projects to build your confidence and basic skills.


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Bring a Project

 Lots of people come with ideas of which direction they would like their sewing to go - that's great.  

 If you don't, I have a selection of patterns and books that could inspire you.

 If you can already sew a little, then book classes to go straight on to a project of your choice.


Here are some ideas for other projects and an idea of the time needed for each one.

I will need a £30 deposit to secure your place on the classes of your choice.   


    Make PJs for all the                        Make a dress                                      Make a skirt




Learn to make your own              Zips and Button Holes                              Make a Roman Blind


You name it, you can sew it!

Many people really enjoy the beginner classes and would like to continue further. If you think you might enjoy sewing,it's a good idea to book 6 sessions so you can secure a place to do the beginner activities and then take on a bigger project. 


Quilting for beginners.

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