Quilting for beginners.



Wednesday     and      Friday       Mornings        9.30  to 12.00                

Wednesday     and       Friday       Afternoons  12.30  to   3.00

Wednesday Evenings           7.00 to 9.30                  


You can book one of two types of class

  • Sewing 101 - for complete beginners
  • Bring a project - for those of you who can use your machines, but would like to develop your skills

You will usually find a variety of projects going on in each session because the classes small (4 people maximum), informal and individually tailored . That means you can book exactly the sessions that will suit you.      


 Sewing 101 

  This is a set of 3 classes for complete beginners. It is an introduction to using your  sewing machine and 3      easy projects to build your confidence and basic skills.


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Bring a Project

 Lots of people come with ideas of which direction they would like their sewing to go - that's great.  

 If you don't, I have a selection of patterns and books that could inspire you.

 If you can already sew a little, then book classes to go straight on to a project of your choice.


Here are some ideas for other projects and an idea of the time needed for each one.

I will need a £30 deposit to secure your place on the classes of your choice.   


    Make PJs for all the                        Make a dress                                      Make a skirt




Learn to make your own              Zips and Button Holes                              Make a Roman Blind


You name it, you can sew it!

Many people really enjoy the beginner classes and would like to continue further. If you think you might enjoy sewing,it's a good idea to book 6 sessions so you can secure a place to do the beginner activities and then take on a bigger project. 


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