​Children's Projects

Simple Summer Skirt 

1m Pretty patterned fabric
63cm 2.5 cm wide elastic (enough to go around your waist)
1.5m Rick – rack (optional)
Sewing thread to match the fabric

Sleepover Bag

1  x  30cm square of fabric for the pocket
.5m of fabric for your bag
Matching thread


Laptop Case

.5m fabric 
.5m of contrasting fabric for the lining

.5m of batting/wadding
Matching 1.5cm ribbon


Pencil Pots

36 x 24 cm thick canvas or some cut off denim froman old pair of jeans
36 x24cm of patterned fabric
.5m firm fusible interfacing

Draw String Bag

2 fat quarters  or .2m of cotton fabric (another .2m
Of contrasting fabric if you would like it to be
reversible )    
2m of matching ribbon or cord


Pencil Case/Make up Bag

2 fat quarters
8inch zip to match




Applique Cushion

.5m of fabric for the cushion
Scraps of fabric for the applique
1  20cm x 20cm sheet of bondaweb





                                                                            1m of a sturdy cotton fabric, like quilting cotton

                                                                            or a lightweight curtain fabric  

                                                                            2m of cotton webbing




 3 fat quarters or 3 x .25m of matching fabric
2m x  2.5cm wide bias binding to match



Pencil Roll

Outer fabric (cotton or lightweight canvas):
fat quarter or 30cm
Pocket fabric: fat quarter or 20cm
Quilt batting: 10” x 13”
Velcro: 2” length of 1” width
Matching thread
                                                                                                                Alice Band

                                                                                         20cm or 1 fat quarter of pretty fabric or
                                                                                        2different contrasting fabrics
                                                                                        15 cm of 1cm wide elastic


Patchwork Placemat

Scraps of fabric and 1 fat quarter of a
contrasting fabric.
I have lots of scarps , so you can raid those!
40cm x 30cm piece of wadding/batting


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