Growing up with a mother who is a seamstress means that sewing has always been part of my life.  I used to spend hours watching and helping her sew, mainly because she was making clothes for me.  ​I'm so glad, because now it means that I can tackle anything. My house is mainly decorated by me, the curtains, the cushion covers and even the sofa cover (though not the one in the picture!). My children used to wear my creations to fancy dress parties and book weeks, starting with ballet tutus and crocodile costumes and ending in Vampy Witch dresses and Death Eaters.

And when I fall in love with a fabric or pattern, or get frustrated with what's in the shops, I make my own clothes.

I'm a trained teacher and have taught in primary schools for 20 years. More recently, I have taught  English as a Second Language and Family Learning projects for adults.  As well as teaching in my own home I also teach sewing at The Community Learning Centre (CLP) in Watford.

Here are just a few things I have made recently.  

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