"Nicki's lessons have given me lots of useful skills which I can apply to a range of projects. She suggested some activities for me but was really flexible and adapted ideas to suit me. I felt very comfortable and was really happy that she took time out to answer my individual questions. I would really recommend her lessons and feel so much more confident to begin my own projects now."

Emily , Langford

​Sewing classes in St Albans and Harpenden, Hertfordshire.   Learn to Sew.    Improve your sewing.   Get creative and join a new sewing class  Sewing classes in Harpenden    Sewing Classes in St Albans


​​I'm Nicky and I run sewing workshops and classes for everyone who wants to learn to sew or improve their existing skills.​   ​In my classes you will:

  • ​​Get the skills and confidence to make the things you really want.
  • ​Express your personality and your creativity.
  • Make things that are unique to you.
  • ​Make fun and individual gifts.
  • Have the satisfaction of saying, " I made it." when you get a compliment. 

For me sewing is really enjoyable and I love teaching it.  It has given me so much pleasure to start so many people off on their sewing journey. Sometimes people come with the machine still in the box - and they all come out with a finished project! You can see them all on my Facebook page.

Join a class and I'm sure  you will enjoy sewing too.


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